Country risk analysis is not a novel phenomenon in the finance literature, instead, it has a deep-rooted historical background. Owing to the fact that it facilitates multinational firms, seeking new opportunities abroad, to identify and assess the business environment in which they are to perform, the significance of the country risk analysis ought to be […]


Racism has been implemented by people since work systems occurred. Basically, it can be defined as the hatred of one person by another. So, it has been a problem for long decades. Especially in the area of sport, racism is existing for more than the other alternatives. In football, basketball, the Olympics etc. players are exposing lots of bad words from their opposite supporters and also they are exposing favoritism. Racism can be done by considering age, gender, and race. Examples for people who suffered from racism are black people in sports activities, women in work life, poor people in society, and people who come from a low-statue culture in society.


The world has been exposed to lots of epidemics such as Sars Viruses, Spanish Flu until now. However, the Covid-19 is different consider to past epidemics, because there is a sight that it will take more time to spend in worldwide. Hence its impact on the economy will be more dangerous. We’ll examine three possible scenarios for Covid-19’s impact of the USA’s economy consider the duration of the epidemic.

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