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TFJ or The FEAS Journal is a project to let people express themselves with no boundaries. The FEAS Journal creates blog-page-shaped profiles for every writer without looking at their experiences.  We believe that gaining experience in writing is up to the writer’s will and effort. 

According to us “Opposite Ideas Cherish Each Other” and “let each other exist”. We think that having multiple ideas in a single platform even if they are so different or far from each other could be the concrete proof of our statement. That is why The FEAS Journal exists. In a period that the World pays no attention to the fundamental rights of human beings, The FEAS Journal encourages passionate writers to work individually to overcome the violations together. The FEAS Journal is mainly focused on Social Sciences including International RelationsPolitics, Economics, Law, and Sociology.

The FEAS Journal cannot be held responsible for the writers and their expression styles. TFJ accepts all passionate writers to help their self-improvement in terms of gaining writing skills. None of the writings reflects the FEAS Journal’s publishment policy. All articles written by authors only reflect their ideas on the related topic. 

So TFJ does not judge its writers depending on their political ideology, nor does it discriminate their articles to guarantee the objective approach to every article. None of the writings can be copied, used, or published anywhere outside of The FEAS Journal without permission.

Founding Editor

Oğuzhan Çiçek

Steering Committee

Burak Tunahan Gökalp
Ömer Gümüş
Editor, Head of Content Checking Group
Duhan Barut
Information Technologies

Permanent Contributors

Yekta Yıkılmaz
Analyst, TFJ Güncel, TFJ ReShare

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