Turkey, who declared PKK as a terrorist organization, considers PYD as the continuation of PKK in Syria. In other words, they declared PYD as a terrorist organization as well. This situation, however, is not the case for the USA and other Western countries. Since 1970, in each year the US declares their Foreign Terrorist Organizations list, where PKK became part of it in 1989. As for the PYD, the US government didn’t include it on their list and this means that they don’t consider this as a terrorist organization. On the contrary, they are treating them like freedom fighters, proving them military equipment, health aid, and using them as a means for their own goals in Syria.


The problematic expression of “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” began to be used both as a justification for regional actors who engage with violent acts and by other states to fulfill their national interests. This expression can be understood better through Turkey’s struggle with terrorism with the example of PKK and YPG while addressing three levels of analysis put forward by Barry Buzan.


Autonomous systems are an integral part of warfare and used for multiple roles during or prior to an operation. An autonomous aerial vehicle is capable of collecting intelligence, surveillance, or reconnaissance. Even opted by non- state actors, UAVs have been presumed to lack the tenacity humans possess. Unreliable as UAVs are said to be, there have hitherto been a variety of trials to make them a platform that can match with humans, reaping the fruits of AI-powered systems in order to lower the burden and risks of using humans in the field.


During the 20th century, the idea of states and their organizing type were shaping within the ideology. With this, the institutions of states are the political threats against them together. Especially the liberal, democratic, fascist and, political ideas contract each other, and each one was a threat against each other. Especially in the Cold War Era, cultivating is one of the biggest results of these security issues. In this study, the effects of the measures taken by a state against this security threat to the world will be examined.

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