The Taliban organization, which was formed due to the occupation of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union and the Afghanistan civil wars, is still an active structure today. The USA has a great influence on its formation and development. In this article, how the Taliban was formed, how it developed, its effects on the whole world and the conflicts experienced were examined.


Neoliberalism seeks economic liberalization and globalization. For these purposes, countries integrate into global markets. But moving directly from imported substitution and welfare policies to neoliberal policies, such as Turkey, can have consequences such as poverty and income inequality. The wrong social policies created to prevent these negative consequences could put the country in a stalemate. In this article, between 1980 and 2000, the impoverishment of neoliberalized Turkey and a number of social policies developed as a result of this impoverishment will be mentioned.


The Russians, who have been trying to enlarge and realize their ambitions since the 16th century, aimed to expand to the south and east in this direction. Especially the Balkans had a strategic importance for Russia. The fact that he could not follow a certain policy in this region throughout history and that it was not active in the problems and conflicts in the region in the 20th century and that it still could not develop a policy towards the Balkans that caused him to lose his influence in the Balkans. However, in the recent turn of the Balkan countries to the West has made Russia interested in this region. The importance of the Balkans for Russia can be explained by many factors such as Slavic-Orthodox brotherhood, passage to the Straits and energy security. In this study, Russia’s relationship with the Balkans throughout history will be briefly discussed and its current situation will be evaluated.


The ASALA Terrorist Organization, which will be examined in this study, will be discussed within the scope of Armenians and Armenia in the historical process by considering people from different nationalities who were murdered, especially Turkish diplomats, by the organization. ASALA, which is a paramilitary ethnic terrorist organization, has determined its ideologies on the line of Marxism-Leninism and Turkophobia, and it has opposite poles within itself. The expansion of the name of the organization is ‘Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia’. It actively maintained its effectiveness between 1975-1994. This organization was founded by a Beirut Armenian Agop Agopian, who was also known as ‘Harutün Tokaşyan’, with the help of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, in the city of Beirut, during the Lebanese Civil War on 1975 (Çam, 2014).


Energy is an indispensable element of the country’s economic and diplomatic power. As much as a country’s natural resource wealth, its geopolitical position is important. Because the geopolitical position plays a big role in transporting the resource and reducing its cost. Turkey, on the other hand, is in an important place due to its geopolitical position, even if it does not have enough resources in the world energy game. Despite being in such an important position, it also provides the most budget deficit through energy spending. The aim of this study is to discuss Turkey’s position in the world energy game from a diplomatic, economic and geopolitical perspective.


Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan were founding members of the “Turkish Speaking Countries Cooperation Council” which was established on 3 October 2009 by the Nakhchivan agreement that signed in Nakhichevan. Uzbekistan became a full member during the 7th Congress held in October 2019. Hungary, on the other hand, became an observer member during the 6th Congress held in the city of Cholpon-Ata in Kyrgyzstan in 2018. The member states have accepted the aims and principles of the United Nations Agreement and the universal doctrines of international law.

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