Nowadays, English is the most widely used language across the world. Today, people from different nationalities use English in almost every step of their life during communication. English is used in global commerce, international diplomacy, air traffic control, the majority of academic writings, the internet, and tourism. That is, English is considered as a Lingua Franca by many people and official governments. But why English is the most used language instead of any other languages?


During the 20th century, the idea of states and their organizing type were shaping within the ideology. With this, the institutions of states are the political threats against them together. Especially the liberal, democratic, fascist and, political ideas contract each other, and each one was a threat against each other. Especially in the Cold War Era, cultivating is one of the biggest results of these security issues. In this study, the effects of the measures taken by a state against this security threat to the world will be examined.


Turkey has always tried to keep her balance policy and the lands that Turkey settled down helped her in this case. Thanks to its strong state tradition most of the time we see this policy’s success. Turkey as a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member tried to apply her Foreign Policies on behalf of her official allies. Thanks to the collapse of the Soviet Union, Soviet threats went away and Turkey found more places to move in easily from Balkans and Caucasia to Central Asia. By the governance of many parties especially in the Post Cold War Era between the years of 1991 and 2002, Turkey had a lot of new perceptions in terms of her Foreign Policy. All in all, in this paper, I tried to emphasize both Turkish internal and external structures related to her Foreign Affairs approaches.

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