The ASALA Terrorist Organization, which will be examined in this study, will be discussed within the scope of Armenians and Armenia in the historical process by considering people from different nationalities who were murdered, especially Turkish diplomats, by the organization. ASALA, which is a paramilitary ethnic terrorist organization, has determined its ideologies on the line of Marxism-Leninism and Turkophobia, and it has opposite poles within itself. The expansion of the name of the organization is ‘Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia’. It actively maintained its effectiveness between 1975-1994. This organization was founded by a Beirut Armenian Agop Agopian, who was also known as ‘Harutün Tokaşyan’, with the help of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, in the city of Beirut, during the Lebanese Civil War on 1975 (Çam, 2014).


Although the comprehension and analysis of the subject seems quite complicated according to the perspectives, the basis of the dominant understandings; It is based on freedom and terrorism. Along with these perspectives, examining suicide attacks as they are purely political will bring a stereotypical approach to the subject. These attacks; The political, religious, sociological, economic, psychological, and literary reasons bring to light, as well as questioning the legitimacy of the action taken, it is also important in terms of understanding how much the term ‘truth’ has evolved in the axis of individuals and society. In this context, after filtering the Palestinian suicide attacks through a historical filter, one of the other steps of the subject, body politics will be focused on. Then, the ‘freedom’ and ‘terrorism’ dimensions of the attacks will be discussed.


Terrorism is one of the main security epidemics in the international area. Terrorism can appear in different forms and can be actuated by different motivations. The terrorist organizations can be enacted for nationalism, religion, left-right wing problems, and many others. Since religion is a sensitive topic that can easily trigger communities, religiously appeared terrorist groups are one of the dangerous topics of internal and international security.

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