During the disintegration of Yugoslavia, the war started in 1992 when the Serbs and then the Croats attacked Bosnia and Herzegovina to invade and lasted until 1995. The Dayton Agreement was signed in 1995 with the initiatives of the European Union and the USA. In this way, Bosnia and Herzegovina are divided into regions as Serbs, Bosniaks, and Croats. In the war that lasted for more than three years, the invaders killed hundreds of thousands of Bosnian citizens in a planned and systematic way and expelled many people from their homes.


Terrorism is one of the main security epidemics in the international area. Terrorism can appear in different forms and can be actuated by different motivations. The terrorist organizations can be enacted for nationalism, religion, left-right wing problems, and many others. Since religion is a sensitive topic that can easily trigger communities, religiously appeared terrorist groups are one of the dangerous topics of internal and international security.

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