After the geographical discoveries and colonial movements that the British Empire gained a lot through, a power hegemony started to appear concretely on the British axis. It would not be correct to match the age of British power hegemony to US power hegemony after the post-soviet era due to the other actors’ existence such as France and Italy. Naturally, British influence on World politics affected Turkish-British relations too, and bilateral relations gained importance and continued until nowadays


In the 21st century, States are not the only entity as a securitizing actor in the macro perspective but also international organizations act as securitizing actors against the possible threat in the securitization process. At this point, the European Union(EU) is one of the entities that we can approach as a securitizing actor thanks to its capabilities on representing the member states and acting as one country in the international order thanks to its legislative organs. Besides, accepting an issue as a threat by the legislative body or a related organ of an association does not only affect one state but affects all member states. This means the maximization of the securitizing process by including more countries to take action against the threat. In this way, the threat can be adopted by not just people of a single state but by all people of the related association. Hereby securitizing actors can take extraordinary precautions to reduce the possible harm.


Turkey has always tried to keep her balance policy and the lands that Turkey settled down helped her in this case. Thanks to its strong state tradition most of the time we see this policy’s success. Turkey as a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member tried to apply her Foreign Policies on behalf of her official allies. Thanks to the collapse of the Soviet Union, Soviet threats went away and Turkey found more places to move in easily from Balkans and Caucasia to Central Asia. By the governance of many parties especially in the Post Cold War Era between the years of 1991 and 2002, Turkey had a lot of new perceptions in terms of her Foreign Policy. All in all, in this paper, I tried to emphasize both Turkish internal and external structures related to her Foreign Affairs approaches.


Turkey is a great consumer of energy as same as the rest of the world with its population greater than 80 million people. Turkey is still a party for multilateral environmental agreements such as CLRTAP, ICCAT, Kyoto Protocol, Madrid Protocol so on and so forth. Last developments upon Turkey’s shut down 6 thermal power plants did not take too many attractions both in domestic and international agencies owing to the hot agendas of Turkey and the Middle East region.


It may be one of the best TV series that I have ever watched, Chernobyl, was a story of a socialist government which has been choked between the hierarchy of bureaucracy, careless bureaucrats and the scientists who try to survive in the way of science even under high pressure of socialist system’s realities.It pushed me […]

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