2 weeks ago, all the world celebrated 8 March International Women’s Day. So what has changed in terms of women’s rights and social life from past to present? What are the positions of women in the world? In the Ottoman Empire, because of religion and customs, women were always put on the back burner. To give an example, women had not equal property rights with men and in courts…


Cartels are active in Mexico. They engage in human-trafficking and drug-trafficking such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana. Moreover, they are responsible for many murders. In 2006, Calderón’s government started a war against Cartel.


Russia is concerned about growing Western influence in former Soviet Republics and believes that the US aims to use these countries as pawns in order to continue its former Containment Policy after the Cold War. This idea pursued a five-day war in 2008 with a former Soviet Republic, Georgia, which was developing a friendly relationship with NATO at that time and more importantly the US. The war occurred over the question of who do the autonomous territories South Ossetia and Abkhazia belonged to.


Regarding the World Health Organisation (WHO), the current outbreak of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) was first reported from Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019. Based on the experts’ explanations, in this article, we will examine how to prevent this virus and how it is infected, humans. At the same time, we will analyze the economic and […]


Turkey has had a stable foreign policy for almost 50 years. It has been one of the most important members of NATO and had close relations with the USA. Even though the governments had different ideological positions, this West-oriented policy was not intended to change by them until the Justice and Development Party. Interestingly, Turkey’s relations with the EU peaked up during the early period of the Justice and Development Party when Turkey was aiming to be a member of the Union, and it was the time that Turkey made very good progress on democratization thanks to the application of the articles of Kopenhagen Agreement.


Turkey is a great consumer of energy as same as the rest of the world with its population greater than 80 million people. Turkey is still a party for multilateral environmental agreements such as CLRTAP, ICCAT, Kyoto Protocol, Madrid Protocol so on and so forth. Last developments upon Turkey’s shut down 6 thermal power plants did not take too many attractions both in domestic and international agencies owing to the hot agendas of Turkey and the Middle East region.


In Australia wildfires, at least 17.9 million acres of Australia have burned, the fires have killed at least 27 people and destroyed almost 2,000 homes. An estimated 1 billion animals -some of them found nowhere else on Earth- have been lost. There is great concern about the rare animals that could cease to exist from a continent with the world’s highest rate of mammal extinction. Why these fires started and why Australia couldn’t stop it?

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