Introduction It is clear that our advancement in technology brings something new and unprecedented. Every new invention means a new choice that is offered to us and every new choice brings politics with it. So, politics is in every decision we make and every bit of our lives, starting from your birth certificate to your […]


Climate change is increased its speed day by day. States are tried to take steps against climate change but it is obvious that these measures are not enough for saving the world. However, it should be not forgotten that animals are more affected by climate change than people. While living spaces are restricted because of […]


Back in 2012 when Gangnam Style by PSY first made a big splash, it was when the Hallyu – the Korean Wave – hit the Western world. Some may argue over the nature of its viral popularity (bordering on notoriety) in Internet meme culture than pop music. But the undisputed fact remains – it gave […]


Some might think that music and art belong to humanity. However, in reality, every single track that was recorded is protected by copyright laws, which means it is legally impossible for them to be copied or reused. Copyright laws affected every single thing about the way we produce and consume music. The music industry would […]


Turkey, who declared PKK as a terrorist organization, considers PYD as the continuation of PKK in Syria. In other words, they declared PYD as a terrorist organization as well. This situation, however, is not the case for the USA and other Western countries. Since 1970, in each year the US declares their Foreign Terrorist Organizations list, where PKK became part of it in 1989. As for the PYD, the US government didn’t include it on their list and this means that they don’t consider this as a terrorist organization. On the contrary, they are treating them like freedom fighters, proving them military equipment, health aid, and using them as a means for their own goals in Syria.


The problematic expression of “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter” began to be used both as a justification for regional actors who engage with violent acts and by other states to fulfill their national interests. This expression can be understood better through Turkey’s struggle with terrorism with the example of PKK and YPG while addressing three levels of analysis put forward by Barry Buzan.


When we look at the relation between French Foreign Legions and the national interests of France abroad from the securitization perspective, we may clearly understand why France established the French Foreign Legion and why does France recruit from different nations and what does France do abroad. The first and basic answer to these questions is security.


In the 21st century, States are not the only entity as a securitizing actor in the macro perspective but also international organizations act as securitizing actors against the possible threat in the securitization process. At this point, the European Union(EU) is one of the entities that we can approach as a securitizing actor thanks to its capabilities on representing the member states and acting as one country in the international order thanks to its legislative organs. Besides, accepting an issue as a threat by the legislative body or a related organ of an association does not only affect one state but affects all member states. This means the maximization of the securitizing process by including more countries to take action against the threat. In this way, the threat can be adopted by not just people of a single state but by all people of the related association. Hereby securitizing actors can take extraordinary precautions to reduce the possible harm.

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