Climate change is increased its speed day by day. States are tried to take steps against climate change but it is obvious that these measures are not enough for saving the world. However, it should be not forgotten that animals are more affected by climate change than people. While living spaces are restricted because of climate change, also they are threatened by people. There are many species that already face the problem of hunting while their numbers are decreasing natural ways. The report of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) shows that 784 species have disappeared from the world as a result of human abuse and 16,119 animal species are being depleted. The fact that 530 species have been added to the list in just one year reveals the danger that living species face.[1]

Predicted extinction rates from climate change by region and group. Credit: Rosamund Pearce, Carbon Brief, based on data from Urban.

Turkey is located in very fertile lands. Its climate, geography, and location in the world allowed them to have diversity about animals and plants. Whereas, animal rights is a very complicated topic in Turkey. Last 50 years, there are many species that ceased to exists because of illegal hunting.

Many years ago, Turkey had more forest than now and more species. For instance, there were many leopards in Turkey’s almost every region. However, they killed for their fur by hunters. The last leopard was killed in Ankara, Beypazarı by villagers in 1974. Apart from this, once upon a time cheetah and Caspian tiger were also lived in Turkey’s border. They shared the same destiny with the leopard. The last Caspian tiger killed in Uludere, in 1970.

Furthermore, Turkey’s waters have diversity as well as its lands. Coypu and Mediterranean monk seal are one of the wealthy for Turkey’s waters. On the other hand, Coypu is killing by hunters for its fur. Also, the Mediterranean monk seal being attacked by fishers many times while they are living in Turkey’s waters and was seen in 1987 for the last time in the Black Sea. While hurting the animals which are living in waters, unfortunately, at the same time, people could not protect water properly. Many rivers and lakes dried up because of climate change and the omission of people. It affected many species like the harrier eagle.  This eagle is lives in wetlands and has difficulty in finding a nest due to the drying of its living areas and their number is decreasing day by day.

Harrier Eagle

Likewise, Turkey’s bird diversity is in danger. There are almost 465 bird species in Turkey. The number of endangered bird species exceeds 30. The number of sensitive bird species has exceeded 50. Alarm bells are ringing for 13 bird species. Bubo zeylonensis is one of these birds. According to research, there are a maximum of 50 Bubo zeylonensis in Turkey. However, this bird is killed by hunters in Hatay, in 2020. Hunting is spreading all world, however, are hunters well-informed enough?

Last week, Central Hunting Commission came together in Turkey. They decided to which animals can hunt and which ones should be protected. Lots of people awaited their decisions impatiently. They tried to create awareness before this meeting in social media with the hashtag #amanavcıvurmabeni and #AvKatliamınaDurDe. However, the Commission’s decisions did not make happy these people.  According to their decisions, many endangered species can hunt by hunters such as turtle doves and pochards. More importantly, they initiate a tender for hunt mountain goats in several cities. This decision was met with anger. With the power of social media, the Commission canceled its decision but only for Tunceli.[2] Additionally, red deer tender in Eskişehir stopped because of overreactions.[3]

In addition to the Hunting Commission, the number of illegally murdered animals is increasing day by day. Animal lovers first were shaken up with the news that a donkey-foal splinted by hunters’ dogs. Afterward, brown bears hunted one after another, and lastly this mountain goat situation. Every day, an animal dies in our lands. These killers are not afraid because laws about animal rights are very insufficient. They are publishing their uncivilized behaviors in social media but they are not punished. This legal vacuum gives them unnecessary self-confidence.


 The world getting older, the world will never be as livable as before. The new generation must be aware of this. We may not be able to restore the world, but we still have the chance to create a beautiful future. To create a livable world, every person has to know their responsibilities against nature. We should try to stop climate change and rescue our animal friends. To put into practice these targets, first, we should create awareness. We must be aware that lost lives will not come back and we must act accordingly. We must work harder every day for all animals who lose their lives because of hunting and must admit that hunting cannot be a sport in the 2020 world. Furthermore, every state should take preventive protective action for animals. As the world is already making their lives difficult, we, as humans, must give them a chance to live fearlessly and freely.





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