Racism has been implemented by people since work systems occurred. Basically, it can be defined as the hatred of one person by another. So, it has been a problem for long decades. Especially in the area of sport, racism is existing for more than the other alternatives. In football, basketball, the Olympics etc. players are exposing lots of bad words from their opposite supporters and also they are exposing favoritism. Racism can be done by considering age, gender, and race. Examples for people who suffered from racism are black people in sports activities, women in work life, poor people in society, and people who come from a low-statue culture in society. There are mainly three causes of racism.

The first cause of racism is people’s thinking types and perspectives. For instance, there is a sight about black people for “They cannot do something truly”. Researches have mentioned that this attitude toward black people came from old American years. They are implementing tight racism not only for black people but also for native Americans. It is obviously appearing that American households are still supporting this sight consider to our observation researches. On the other hand, the United Kingdom had also implemented racism when geographical discoveries started. They built a gold manufacturing companies in Africa and they started to use African people because they thought that these black people should work on low-employment stages.

Italians march against racism after migrant shootings.

The second cause of racism is some people who are exposing racism accept these sights. In the world, there is a salary and wage equivalent. These are taking actions to consider to demand and supply of employees, and their needs and wants. If there is a person who accepted low wages with a high job burden, company-owners or human research managers will make a deal with these employees; whereas, it is not acceptable in terms of human rights but some people see themselves as a low-statue and they accept low salary jobs and racism.

#Country% Who don’t want neighbours of another race% of people who witnessed racist behaviour
9South Africa19.661.8
10South Korea29.636.5
19Hong Kong18.840.4
The most racist countries in the world.

The third cause of racism is high-positioned people’s behaviors and attitudes toward these people. People like to perform the same behaviors with high-positioned people. High-positioned people refer to celebrities, government-based high-status workers (presidents) etc. For example, Donald Trump who is the president of the USA has performed many racist behaviors when he was selected, and the US citizens have a tent to perform these behaviors but it is clear that the US economy depends on these blue collars or manufacturing employees.

To sum up, racism has always been a problem in the world. There are mainly three causes of racism which are people’s thinking types, perspective, people who are led to racism even though they suffer from racism, high-positioned people’s behaviors, and attitudes. People think that black people cannot do anything truly. In contrast, some people acting like they have no human rights, and especially if celebrity, high-positioned people show behavior in a way that racism, all off their supporters act like their following people.


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