Turkish Defense Industry is a sector that the most invested in R&D and technology with product and technology development expenditure.

I would like to tell you, our esteemed followers, about the breakthroughs and efforts of the Turkish Land Defense Industry Systems with a few examples.


Within the scope of the project, it equipped with high-tech weapon systems, with high mobility, long-range and effective firepower, high electronic operational capability. It is aimed to design, develop, production of prototype and develop armor systems with technology transfer domestically. In the first step of the project, (the contract which was signed in 2008) 2 prototypes were produced and their tests were successfully completed. Mass production of 250 ALTAY Tanks will be carried out in the coming period.


Turkey’s first national automated air weapon system Alkar, 120 mm mortar weapon system originally designed by ASELSAN;

  • automatic barrel guidance system,
  • automatic ammunition loading system,
  • recoil mechanism and fire control systems

It is a modern weapon system integrated on the turret. It can be used with any type of grooved or ungrooved 120 mm mortar barrel. Knurled vehicles, tactical wheeled vehicles and can be integrated into fixed platforms thanks to the modular system architecture.


The new version of the Kirpi, which has become a legend with its superior level of protection in the mine-protected vehicle class, has an independent suspension system. Developed in addition to high protection properties Kirpi 4×4, Pioneer of its class in both handling and passenger comfort. Independent Suspension 4×4 Kirpi has monocoque armored cabin, and special armored glass, shock-absorbing seats, gun station and emergency hatch. In addition to these, many hardware for the task, which is specially integrated (KBRN protection system, firefight target detection system, automatic fire extinguishing system, internal speech system, mixing blinding system, etc.)


Pedestal Mounted Stinger System ATILGAN; is a Low Altitude Air Defense System using the Stinger missile as a basic weapon, equipped with various sensors and all functions are computer-controlled.

As a carrier platform ATILGAN; used by three personnel: marksman, gunner assistant, and driver. ATILGAN’s main task; to provide a defense of fixed or mobile units, convoys, tactical facilities against air threats on the battlefield. ATILGAN has the ability to search, detect, track and shoot while on the move thanks to high precision aim and firing line stabilization.


Protects up to 36 personnel with their shields and weapons. It has specially designed firing ports for use in firing non-lethal weapons. It can be used as a door for the rapid response forces with its ability to be lifted up to 3 meters high. While traveling, it can absorb impact on hard terrain and can be left unmanned at the scene to serve as a barrier. It has a guarded rising platform and can also be equipped with a ballistic enclosure.

We are proud to share the unique products of our defense industry with our friends and allies all over the world on the way of the mission of modernizing the Turkish Armed Forces.












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