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We examine in this read, diseases that caused the most death in history. People were burned because of these diseases, they were taken away from their homes. States experienced economic crises. View, “Diseases that caused the most death in history.”

BLACK DEATH (1315-1351)

Black Death, Black Plague or Great plague epidemic, was a plague epidemic that destroyed Europe between 1314-1351. It was started to sprawl from Southern West Asia, then it was reached to Europe at the end of the 1340s. The Epidemic is thought to be caused by a bacteria called Yersinia pestis. This epidemic killed more people than the Known all great epidemics and wars after the Indian genocide in America. According to French historiographer Jean Froissart’s estimation, one in three of the European population was dead. Epidemic resulted in the death of 75-250 million people, including China, the Middle East, and India.


The Plague of Justinian was a pandemic. It affected the Sassanid Empire, Byzantine Empire (especially capital city Constantinopolis), and port cities around the Mediterranean. It was one of the biggest epidemics in history. Approximately 25 million people were dead in the first epidemic. The epidemic was renewed itself over two centuries in progress, 50 million people were dead due to renews of the epidemic.

Great Plague of London (1665-1666)

Great Plague of London, is the last major epidemic known in the Kingdom of England between 1665 and 66. The Great Plague killed 100,000 people, about 15% of London’s population.


Spanish flu is a flu epidemic caused by deadly subspecies of the H1N1 virus between 1918-1920. It is the fastest spreading epidemic known. It is the fastest spreading epidemic known. Also, one of the features of the Spanish flu is that it harms adult people and healthy people more than weak, older and children. It took hold of the world in the last months of the First World War. In addition, Some Historians say that it is the most important reason that ended the war.

Massachusetts smallpox epidemic(1633)

The Virus which reached to Massachusetts through settlers from France, Britain and the Netherlands in 1633, was spread Native Americans. Although the exact number is unknown, It is estimated that 20 million people died due to this disease with the arrival of Europeans.

HIV/AIDS (1960-continues):

As of 2014, Approximately 36.9 million people carry the HIV Virus. In 2012, Approximately 17.2 million men, 16.8 million women and 3.4 million under 15 years old. In 2010, 1.8 million people lost their lives, this number was  2.2 million in 2005. In a report published in The Lancet, According to Lancet Global Burden of Disease Study, it is estimated that the HIV infection reached its peak in 3.3 million patients in 1997. This number decreased rapidly from 1997 to 2005 to 2.5 million but remained stable from 2005 to 2015. Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the rock band Queen, who we all know, is among those who lost their lives due to AIDS.

We told about the most dangerous diseases in the past. Today, we are so worried about Corona Virus. Do you think “Corona will be a dangerous epidemic like we told?” Does Corona harm people more than the plague? If you wonder the answers to these questions, you can read our other writing “The story of corona virus”.

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